Any European Marxism lists?

Chris Burford cburford at
Mon Mar 13 00:46:40 MST 1995

My guess: it is a matter of months, if it has not happened already.

The German left has an excellent range of thoughtful Marxist and semi-
Marxist journals, which cross fertilize contributions from writers
coming from varied Marxist backgrounds, which of course are particularly
interesting in Germany. These journals also have extensive links to
left wing developments in the whole of eastern Europe.

As you can see I subscribe to a member of apc, the Association for
Progressive Communications with about a dozen other member organizations
including igc groups in the States. The German group is ComLink.

I have just checked the list of users. They number 125 at present, with
the highest concentration in the Hanover area. Although none list marxism
in their special interests, which are broad, it is inconceivable that none
of them are reading German marxist literature.

Publications show the number of e-mail connections in general growing very
fast in Germany, so although this ComLink network may seem a little small
I think it is a question that sooner or later somebody will pursue and
refine the links.

The Germans of course speak much better English than the
English-speakers, German. Fortunately the Germans have got on with their
own language so there are probably big gains if we can just find the bridge.
My guess is that rather than electronic translating, which will be
irritating, we are looking to a few bilingual ambassadors, someone who
will host a marxist list in English which a few German speakers will feed
into and cross fertilize current issues of mutual interest, and ideally,
contents lists in English, of current German marxist journals.

Meanwhile may I  forward your message to the ComLink support organization,
support at
or you or Jon may like to contact them directly.

[Obviously I do not want to disparage the value of links with other European
marxists, I just think that links need some focussed attention, and I have
for a couple of years been interested in checking out the German connection.]


Chris Burford

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