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Jukka Laari jlaari at tukki.jyu.fi
Mon Mar 13 10:50:31 MST 1995

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, Kenny Mostern wrote:

> I had a very specific reason for being glad that Dumain flamed Goldstein,
> though of course it could perhaps have been done better.  That is,
> Goldstein's post said that marxism was, in effect, solidly on the side of
> evil in the world.  He totalized marxism, turned it into Stalin's
> government, which it most certainly is not.  Frankly Stalinist discourse
> isn't Stalinist government, and I'm not for the former any more than I'm
> for the latter.

But it was stalinism (as philosophico-theoretical system and political &
administrative practice) that used terror systematically against
citizens of Soviet Union. And I wrote "against citizens" because it
wasn't just a group of counter-revolutionaries that got terrorized.

That same stalinism as party-marxism after second world war terrorized
communists and socialists throughout western europe (perhaps we can leave
Italy and Italian CP out); finally even true son of party, Althusser, had
to go.

I wouldn't say that stalinism was solidly on the side of evil, but, hell,
I don't find much good with it, except discipline if that's what you are

And it was just that stalinism that in public was understood as The
Marxism - it caused more problems to marxism, or should I say 'to
marxisms', than all the secret services and religious fanatics in the
whole world.

So don't come to say that Goldstein totalized - Philip simply stated a
so-called fact.

Instead I'm wondering why it is so hard to accept that through the whole
century there have been several marxisms. From where comes this passion
for One True Dogma delivered by One Whole Marxism? We have to live with
the fact that there isn't and, I'm afraid, there wouldn't be in a near
future One Marxism. Or we'll see a dozens of different "marxist" groups
advertising themselves as Genuine Marxism or something like that.

Our personal feelings and beliefs aren't objective truths, after all, so
let's not ask someone quit the list because of disagreement, even a
strong one.

Jukka Laari

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