Red Front

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Mon Mar 13 13:00:40 MST 1995

Re Stalinism, here are a few lines from the infamous poem "Red Front"
penned by Louis Aragon in 1931, just before he he gave up Surrealism for
Communism. (He had to go on the lam when it was published):

	Kill the cops
	Kill the cops
	...the Social-Fascist doctors
	...will fall at the hands of the rioters who'll put them up
	  against the wall
	Fire at Leon Blum
	Fire at Boncour, Frossard, Deat*
	Fire at the erudite bears of Social Democracy
	Fire fire I hear death
	passing pouncing upon Garchery.** Fire, I say.
	The burst of shooting gives the countryside
	An unfamiliar merriment
	Engineers, doctors are being executed

*Socialist deputies
**municipal councilor & Communist deputy who had already left the Party
to form a group of independent Communists

What bloodthirstiness! Doesn't it send shivers down your spine? Louis
Aragon--he started out so promisingly with, e.g., *Paysan de Paris* only
to become a CP hack and red patriot of the Resistance. A later generation
of revolutionaries in 1968 spat on him.


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