Third-camp internationalists & WWII

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Mon Mar 13 13:19:27 MST 1995

An interesting and informative article on this subject is "Third Camp
Internationalists in France During World War II" by Ernest Rayner about
anarchist, left-communist, and some Trotskyist groups that opposed both
sides in the war. They tried to fraternize with German Occupation
soldiers, and they must have had some degree of success, since it is
known that thousands of German soldiers were executed for desertion. In many
cases, the members of these groups were being hunted by both
the Gestapo *and* the Stalinist-led maquis. This text and others relating
to anti-war activites during WWII (including an article on anarchist
opposition to militarism in Japan 1926-37), in French, were obtained from
the C.I.R.A. Library in Lausanne, Switzerland, and translated into
English by Charlatan Stew. For those interested, the address is:

		Charlatan Stew
		P.O. Box 17138
		Seattle, WA 98107

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