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> I don't think this is a jihad by Moslems, so the
> Russians will eventually control the countryside and cut off the
> supply of arms to the guerrillas.

Even according to the NYT quite a few "rebel" leaders have described this as
jihad. And there seems to ample evidence that Moslem fundementalists in
Afganistan and elsewhere are suppling arms etc.

What none of this, nor the NYT et al take into consideration or mentions is
the role of US imperialism and the big oil companies. When US imperialism
champions "break-away republics" and is so concerned about national
liberation then look out. This was the main issue raised by Hall. We have
certainly also condemned Yeltzin's use of military force etc. Shit we were
critical of Gorbachev and Yeltsin when many if not most of the left was
praising them for being democrates and reformers. We were attacked then as
"conservatives and rightwing" communists including again by the NYT's and
the bourgy media (look out too when the NYT's is worried about the "purity"
or "flavor" of your brand of marxism.) But I think history showed us to have
correctly predicted where all that shit was heading.

>I would have to question the need for armies in there and the
> shooting back and forth.  That is the Marxist thing to do.
> Life is supposed to be precious.  It is more than mere biological
> functions we are concerned with.


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