Esperanto and Euro-Marxism

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Mon Mar 13 19:56:00 MST 1995

RDUMAIN: "Just noticed in your latest message re European-German marxists
 your reference to soc.culture.esperanto.  Does this mean you know

Not fluent yet, slow progress with it so far.  Certainly a Marxist
 discussion in that would provide me with additional encouragement
 and renew a greater dedication to the artificial language invented
 by Dr. Zamenhoff.  It is better adapted to machine translation,
 that was my point.  So that Americans who are usually scared of
 learning other languages should have no problem with crude
 electronic dictionary table look-ups done very quickly by computer.
 Some very good Dutch programmers have already made that available
 for low cost.  Being able to overcome language barriers has
 tremendous educational side-benefits.  And increases political
 awareness, more internationalist class-consciousness.
 Unfortunately, not all of us are so gifted as Marx to be able know
 fluent French, English, Russian and of course German.

Which means exposure to international Marxist ideas should not be
 hindered by any of the national languages. Yes, I think Esperanto
 can do that job rather well.

There should be Marxist-Esperanto or Marxist-Ido groups in Europe.
 I think it is common more in the eastern European countries.  Also,
 I believe Noam Chomsky is an expert on linguistics, but he is an
 anarchist and not a Marxist proper.  Nonetheless, it would be
 interesting to know his view of Esperanto in the context of its
 political use-value in international information-sharing; I
 think it would be quite important from a Marxist point of view.

I suspect the fact that this Marxist list is conducted exclusively
 in English hinders the discussion somewhat.  To overcome, as you
 stated, "linguistic and national barriers in the communication of
 information, which ought to [be] more important to Marxists than anyone
 else"  is very true.  You need to have readily available, raw and
 unprocessed(uncensored) information, we are already capable of
 doing this, but it would seem to me an unnecessary expense of time
 and money to have one or more human translators trying in the best
 of intentions to be the go-between and facilitate international
 Marxist exchanges here.  I could be wrong, though.  That is not
 something I could do for sure.



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