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Tue Mar 14 14:16:11 MST 1995


Well I got the disks and have loaded them.

WP61 loaded fine with no problems. I am using it now and it is a
bit of an improvement on 60.  Like all things there are positive
and negative results. The operations seem better and smoother, but
the problem is that the things that were there with WP60 are not
there. There is no chart, or draw. This is not a problem for me
since I use other programs for them. It would be a problem for
those who do not. Still thanks very much.

Corel seems fine. There was a problem with disk 14. There were two
blocks on the disk that were corrupted. This meant that a file
W4W54F.DL_ did not load correctly. I had to fiddle around with the
original disk. I used scan disk on the original. It did not work
but when I removed a few files it did then I transferred all to a
new disk. This loaded but as I say with a problem with the one
file.  When I looked in the directory with Xtree the file is
there. So I do not know wether it loaded properly or not. I tried
out the various programs. They seem to work. Then again one never
knows when such a file will need to be accessed.

I suggest if it is possible then send me the particular file using
ueencode or send me a copy of disk 14 by post. There is no urgency
however. Just keeps me from worrying about other health matters.

About the question of comms. Do not worry. All one can do it try.
At the end it is up to them.  There is a great inertia amongst
people. They say one cannot change human nature. I believe one
can. But by god it is difficult.

About the question of source codes. I looked at the disks
advertised but none of them cover the areas you raise.

Well that's all. Am going to the installation of Mendi as High
Commissioner. Have to wear a lounge suit. Only going out of
solidarity with the poor chap.


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