revolt against civilization

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Tue Mar 14 23:21:43 MST 1995

Alex Trotter recently posted:
In reply to Steve Keene, I have to admit that I'm not an anthropologist.
But neither is he, I'll bet. He got his info from watching a television
program. So if I'm an armchair anthropologist, what does that make him?
I don't know if the "new" view of Mayan decline as gradual invalidates
the previous one (was it ever that "popular"?) of peasant revolt. I don't
have the *Wildcat* article I mentioned in front of me now. When I'm able
to dig it out for source citations, etc. I'll get back to you.

I've already told Alex privately that the reference about being an
armchair anthropologist was directed at MYSELF, not at him! I was
in fact sitting in my armchair when I saw the program -:).

Steve Keen

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