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Fri Mar 17 11:23:38 MST 1995

Tom Condit, I'm surprised that you think I disagree with what you said;
in fact it was precisely my point.  My claim is that race is determined
not by consciousness, but by what Du Bois (who I rely on heavily) called
"gross morphological features".  Consciousness is derived from social
being; social being is skin color and features.  That was the line of

For the record, in academic terms my background is in Black Studies.  No
one, certainly no marxist, could argue more strongly racial causality and
the autonomy of racial determination than I do  and have in the last week
on this list.

Kenny Mostern
UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Graduate Group

Against:  racism, sexism, homophobia, capitalism, militarism
For:  the truth--and the funk!

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