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Fri Mar 17 11:52:07 MST 1995

> I love Gilroy's BLACK ATLANTIC, but his weakness is his
> anti-Marxism.  Why is this?  Why do he and some British Trots
> cross swords?  I lack a context for all this.

I'm not clear on this--indeed, I'm so unclear about this I've written a
paper on my unclarity (that's how papers get written sometimes)--but my
major guess is that the answer is to be found in his altogether accurate
critique of Williams and Thompson as dismissive of racial issues and his
desire to deparate himself from their positions.  What is striking, to
me, is that in his rush to replace Williams with Foucault he forgets that
Foucault ignores race in precisely the same ways Williams does.  Other
than that, Williams continues to be far more useful.

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