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Fri Mar 17 12:24:49 MST 1995

What concept does Ralph Dumain have of group politics, I wonder? If
everybody obeyed a categorical imperative to speak "freely" (kill
all the black nationalists, kill all the bourgeois feminists, kill all
the social-democrat fakers), what type of organized left would remain?

The discussion on etiquette that seemed to be focused on Dumain didn't
strike my interest so much, since etiquette isn't what's really
essential in building a broad-based revolutionary movement.

>From time to time, I stop at a bar in the village which is frequented by
Schachmanites, anarchists, Trotskyists, all in their 60's and 70's. They
have no hesitation to speak "freely" over a beer or 2 or 6. But to make a
revolution in a society that is divided by race, by gender, by sexual
preference, by religion, by strata within the labor movement, etc. is
going to take a little bit more than saloon chit-chat.

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> My audience for such remarks, which I do give out freely, is usually
> black people who live in reality, outside the realm of sectarian
> politics and empire-building.
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