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I note,

>There is a huge tendency, and CLR James is a large part of it
>these days, to want to simply turn around "social being
>determines consciousness" and make it "and also consciousness
>determines social being".

I also remember recently we were discussing use-value and

Recently there has been much talk of the criminal gene. Which
raises the question of nature or nuture.

How much is an organism the result of its genetic make up and of
the influence of its environment.

There was also the discussion of contradiction and the unity of

It seems to me that in all these cases and many more there is a
common theme.

Genes are the result of the action of the environment. The nature
of the resulting organism is "determined" by its genes. In its
turn it is influenced by its environment. There is no beginning
and no end. There is non the less a distinct seperation between
the genetic makup of the organism and the environment that it
lives in.

I therefore cannot be in complete agreement with the first quote.
A person, a group (the working class), an organisation, all are
the result of the interaction of  "social being and consciousness"

Both emerge from the complex reality they exist within.


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