Alan Sondheim sondheim at
Fri Mar 17 13:16:17 MST 1995

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> > My audience for such remarks, which I do give out freely, is usually
> > black people who live in reality, outside the realm of sectarian
> > politics and empire-building.

I must say this is incredible. First, the hatred in the original post.
Second, the notion that there are black people presumably who _don't_
live in reality, and perhaps whites, say, _don't_ live in reality. By
"reality," the only referent I can think of is another tired ideological
formation, which is that of the writer's, i.e. what's _correct_ is real.

Beyond that, the post is equally incredible to assume that _anything_ is
outside of sectarian politics.

Ah, there's the pure of heart, and there's the rest of us.

Good against evil, yeah yeah!


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