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Fri Mar 17 18:01:53 MST 1995

Once again a diversion from substantive issues to make hysterical
accusations.  Yes, Virginia, there is a world outside of (a)
academia, (b) sectarian left groupings.  That is my world.  No,
I'm not interested in seeing attention focused on my persona as
ogre of the Internet. (Not to mention all that talking about me
behind my back.  I know who you are!)  What I'd like to see is
people learning how to read.  Does a PhD program disenable reading

I've made a number of comments in recent weeks, on various topics,
among them Althusser, anarchism, Bhaskar, philosophy of science,
dialectics, Marx's humanism, C.L.R. James, being and
consciousness, totality, and now black nationalism.  I went to the
considerable trouble of compiling and uploading extensive
annotated bibliographies and literature summaries to help other
researchers.  I haven't heard a word in response.  How interesting
that certain people when caught with their intellectual pants down
find themselves so shit-faced they start bellyaching about my
outrageousness.  There is not one word I have written that is not
rational and reasonable.  However, because I disdain academic
deportment (something quite different from intellectual and moral
standards), I now exemplify the root of all evil attributions:
prophet of aristocratic vulgarity and the declasse cult of
violence, Stalinist repression, and now, undoubtedly I will be
slandered as a racist (though you don't know what race I am, do
you?) for saying the obvious about a virulent form of bourgeois
nationalism, which should be part of the ABC's of any Marxist.
Like a dog to a bone, you predictable imbeciles pounced on my
dissing of the black nats and didn't say a word about my
substantive remarks on C.L.R. James, totality, historiography,
etc.  How pathetic you are.

Turnabout is indeed fair play, so fire away.  Just don't pretend
you have the moral high ground, because you've none at all.  I
find much of the discussion on this list retrograde and
intellectually primitive.  Everybody has to learn in their own due
time, so stumble away on your tedious issues as long as

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