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Fri Mar 17 23:57:07 MST 1995

		Mr. Dumain,

	I won't join in the chorus repressing your speech, no matter it's
obvious excess, but I will question your taste.  Public Enemy cannot be
dismissed along with Ice T or Ice Cube by serious persons.

	Merely their symbol, the black "B-Boy" in the sights of a rifle
scope, was a call to political arms in black worker culture.  Similar is
the embracing of Malcom X, whose value in our culture should not be
underestimated.  Black militancy/separatism klieg lights racism, showing us
the line that is already in the sand and asking us whether we want to make it
a border. The only problem with black militancy is that it fosters the notion
in the minds of the despised citizens that they are really not Americans.
But then it is all of our responsibility to reassure our fellow citizens, and
ourselves, that that is not the case, isn't it ?

	While black nationalism may be illegitimate on its face, its face is
ours, because it's our baby.


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