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Sat Mar 18 13:07:49 MST 1995

>  I didn't put
>anybody's extermination in a political platform, but I can
>fantasize, can't I?  Just imagine Louis Farrakhan tied back to
>back with David Duke to a stake, a pile of kindling circling them,
>and someone with a matchbook standing by.  Wouldn't the world be a
>better place?

Geez, Ralph, you're scaring me.  But you know what--I do remember Farrakhan
lauding the Saudi legal system, telling women to leave work and subordinate
themselves in patriarchal families, explaining poverty as the result of the
deficient psychology of a once-ensalved people, demonizing Jewish people
and mystifying the sources of domination and oppression, supporting all
Reagan's cuts in social programmes as a first step to eliminating the
"slave pscyhology", reducing economic development to a few small stores,
relying upon the free gift of labor (and labor-power) from Islamic

  There is even this rumour being circulated that he killed Malcolm X.  But
why do you fantasize about killing him?  And why do you fantasize about
tying Duke and Farrakhan up together?  Their groups have already been tied
for decades. They hate federal social programs, income supports for women,
unions, etc and they want to divide up the country into racial zones. To
say the least, they are very good at getting people to identify as parts of
antagonistic non-entities (races). Didn't  Malcolm help to coordinate Klan
and NOI terror against the integrationists in the early 1960s?

        Or did you want tie them up together so that you could burn them?
Geez, "Chuck, you scarin them."  (I know you don't like PE, but who can
blame you--they are devotees of a Louis Farrakhan too). But what was this
about Richie Havens?  Boring.  If we have to go there (the last millenium,
that is), give me Nina Simone.


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