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Sat Mar 18 14:22:45 MST 1995

In this message, I would like to have few comments about Ralph Dumain,
for he is the center of focus in this list these days.

>From my understanding, we can distinguish between Dumain as he appears to
be, and Dumain as he really is. On the surface, Ralph seems to be
arrogant, provacative, intolerant etc., He is the guy who wants to kill
or at least humiliate other people who do not think like him. However, the
other Ralph is, to me, more flexible, and he is a person who has some
important things to say. (Just  remember his posting on Colletti, on Tue,
March 7) For this second Ralph Dumain,

> What was I doing?  Well, I thought I was disseminating
> information, ideas, and opinions, with some spicy provocative
> remarks thrown in here and there to kep you from nodding off.  So
> fucking what?

(then, is this, i.e. making spicy remarks, only a strategy to get
attention to more serious things?) And, I am afraid he is quite right to
say that very few people considers the contents of his writings rather
than his style. I can't speak for anybody else but for my part, I really
enjoy his writings and I believe I learn something from them, though I
don't agree with his ideas on Bhaskar (but still, the reply to such a
critique, I believe, should not be just to repeat Bhaskar again; what we
need is an 'immanent critique' rather than repeating same things). And
also I don't have any problem with his style; after all, this is a
marxism list, we must have the freedom to say anything we want. (BTW, I
really enjoyed Ralph's suggestion about sending a copy of biographies to
FBI, CIA etc.)

In short, for the most part I agree with Chris's comments, and I think
Ralph should continue to argue whatever he wants to.



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