Donna Murch dmurch at violet.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 21 02:24:23 MST 1995

i would be extremely interested in pursuing a discission of dialectics,
dialectical logics, and the relation between the marx and hegel d---.
right now i am developing a paper prospectus on the links between the
ancient Platonic and Socratic dialectical method and that of Hegel and
Marx.  This interests me for a number of reasons including 1. a chance to
explore marx's relation to the ancients (democritus and epicurus) 2. to
explore the origins of the conceptual apparatus of dialectical thinking,
which with a supreme political irony, cannot be understood without a nod to
Plato.  is anyone on the line familiar with George McCarthy's work?  or
have suggestions for a beginner?

also, i am putting together a comprehensive bibliography of CLR James'
work, if anyone already has one compiled they would like to share, i would
be much obliged.  suggestions also welcome.

new to the net, thanks

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