Ariel Sharon and Stalin

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Tue Mar 21 03:45:46 MST 1995

Had it just been Stalin, the answer that Russia's cultural and
economic backwardness was the main culprit might have more credibility. But
there was also Pol Pot, and Enver Hoxha, and Erich Honecker, and Jaruzelski,
and Ceaucescu.
Are these people comparable in any sense other than
having been heads of government?

Pol Pot was head of a regime that must be unique in
the proportion of the population it massacred - doing
so in the service of an aggressive nationalist
ideology and a program de-urbanisation. The whole
thing was very un-Stalinist in ideology and
economics and the country was eventually liberated
from him by the Stalinist Vietnamese communists.

Hoxha was an avowed Stalinist as to a lesser extent
were Hoeneker and Ceaucescu but are you seriously
suggesting that they all engaged in purges and
executions of opponents on the scale that
Stalin or Pol Pot. It seems to me that in so
labeling Hoeneker you are joining in with the
attempt by the 4th Reich to criminalise all
German communists.

Hoeneker's 'crime' was to defend the German workers
state against a renaisant German imperialism.
The shootings on the wall are a drop in the ocean
compared to those 'shot resisting arrest' by US
or BRD police.

Jaruzelski was not even the civilian party leader,
but a general to took over to forestall a possible
Russian intervention, and as military dictators go,
his rule was one of the least bloody in history.

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