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Wed Mar 22 07:16:13 MST 1995

		To whom.......,

	I find the chracterization of Marxism as a science overly broad at
best.  Science is defined by observation first and foremost.  Marxism is only
distinct in what it seeks to observe.

	Marxism as a philosophy, a theory, is simply another chimera, as are
all theories.  However, Marxism is not a scientific theory because it lacks
rigorous tests of repeatability and logic because of the subject matter with
which it deals.  Predictive value, insofar as it concerns human history, is a

	Now, if Marxism were to reduce human interactions to representative
icons and variables, it would still be a canard, and would quack only
slightly less loudly.  Furthermore, the analytic "rigor" of philosophy and
law/politics are really just the discussion over how many heads, and how
large the wings of the chimera.

	Naturally all this is usefull - the very stuff of the humanities -
but it's not science.  Stalin doesn't follow from Marx, Stalin follows from
Mr. and Mrs. Stalin's blessed union as the earthquake from the butterfly.


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