DIGEST declared to work--PLEASE READ

Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu
Wed Mar 22 11:27:15 MST 1995

All this is a bit on faith right now... but if you want to be a part
of a grand experiment, please do sign up to the following...

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu

I believe that digesting for this list now works well enough to be
offered as an option.  If you would like to receive this list's posts
in digest form rather than as individual messages, you should
unsu**cribe from this list and, instead, su**cribe to the list

To unsub from this list, send the message

              unsu**cribe marxism

(with the asterisks replaced by "bs", of course)

to majordomo at lists.village.virginia.edu .

To sub to the digest list, send to the same majordomo the message

             su**cribe marxism-digest

The size of the digest is currently set to 40K, and the digesting gets
triggered when the as-yet-undigested volume of messages on marxism gets
close to that size.  Response-sending *should* work correctly--i.e. a
response to a message on marxism-digest *should* go to marxism--there may
still be bugs in the setup.  In general:  this is all relatively new to
us, and we will greatly appreciate any comments from you concerning bugs
and possible improvements.  You can send such comments to Jon
Beasley-Murray <jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu>, to the spoon collective
<spoons at jefferson.village.virginia.edu> or to Malgosia Askansas
<ma at dsd.camb.inmet.com>.

When responding to a message within a digest, please make sure that you don't,
within your response, quote the entire digest!!!

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