Video-Clip: Marx-Father in Lenin Libary

Anna-Sabine Ernst, Gerwin Klinger cerebus at
Wed Mar 22 11:36:42 MST 1995

Here the announce of a movie, one had been waiting for years and years and
years, found as qutation in humorous Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,

"Moscow 1995. The Archives of the KGB habe opened, their contents are being
sold on the markets of entertaiment and information. but many secrets
remain. In the dark recesses of the Lenin Library, archivist Olga is
guarding one relic of Communism that, if its existence were known, would be
regarded as the most precious memento of all: actual film footage of five
days in the life of Karl Marx.
And this is the story. In 1875 a german mechanic from Dessau, Karl Stirner,
invented the first functioning film camera - and being a good proletarian
and member of the worker's movement, he decided, of course, to put his
invention to the initial test by visting his ideological hero, Karl Marx,
in his London exile to do a documentary on this enigmatic personality.
H.J.Krysmanski: Five Days in the Life of Karl Marx. A Global Movie Project.
In: Soziale Welt und soziologische Praxis. Festschrift f=FCr Heinz Hartmann
zum 65. Geburtstag, Verlag Otto Schwartz, G=F6ttingen 1995"

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