In Defense of Uncle Joe. To the Stalin Haters

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Thu Mar 23 15:27:07 MST 1995

Alfred Joseph,

You have the intellectual integrity of a holocaust denier.  Gulags, purges,
mass murder--all just hysterical fantasies concocted by imperialism and
swallowed wholesale by the non-stalinist left. I don't want to know what you
think of the Hungarian workers. Or the East Germans who were sniped going
over the wall (oops! This is probably a fabrication).
  Apart from the fact that the system you endorse was inherently faulty (and
morally repugnant), people like you are partially responsible for the fact
that even the poorest workers run screaming from socialism.
  I could suggest that you read Castoriadis, but since even Trotsky (crusher
of Kronstadt) is probably a fascist ally in your opinion, I suggest you read
Orwell's 1984. It was written for people like you.

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