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Fri Mar 24 10:03:01 MST 1995

Chris Burford's post on how to understand Stalin was especially important
in several ways.  The one I want to specifically reinforce is that we
must deal with the failure of socialist leadership in the 20th century in
terms of an understanding of technology and politics that is specific to
the 20th century.  Since the sorts of tyrranies and destructions that
have taken place under so-called revolutionary governments have been
relatively consistent with the sorts of tyrranies experiences within
nonrevolutionary governments--fascist, colonial, internal colonial,
factory town, reservation, essentially everywhere in the world except the
conditions of the top 25% of the population in the liberal democracies--we
need to view the issues around the failure and megalomania of these
revolutionary leaders as issues of the
forms of organization and reorganization that have been technologically
and psychologically possible in an era of the complete
internationalization of capital, and the so far  failed
internationalization of revolutionary movements.

Such a consideration is, of course, a pessimistic one; yet there is
nothing inevitable about the future based on this analysis.

Kenny Mostern
UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Graduate Group

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