a formula on Stalinism

Kenny Mostern kennym at uclink2.berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 24 12:51:40 MST 1995

I just thought of a formula that should make clear, finally, what I've
been trying to say for weeks:

Inasmuch as "Stalinism" refers to the system of government of the Soviet
Union between the late 1920s and the mid-1950s, and inasmuch as "marxism"
refers to a social theory:

the analysis of Stalinism is never a case of the analysis of marxism;

rather it is a case of the analysis of the conditions for anti-capitalist
statehood in the 20th century, and/or

it is a case of the analysis of the conditions all government, capitalist
and anti-capitalist, in the 20th century.

[I look forward to anyone who feels like responding to this, or to my
rpevious post.  I will probably not be around to read my mail again
before next Thursday or Friday, however.  So I will not respond.]


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