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Louis Proyect:

The example of the South African Communist Party, of which I believe Ron
Press is a member, is an exemplary organization. Unlike other CP's, it
went through a profound re-evaluation of the entire Stalinist legacy. Joe
Slovo's address on this subject is one of the most important political
documents of the last 20 years. One of the last charges against SACP'ers
that would hold any water is that they "glibly summarize and dismiss" the
complex and multifaceted struggle to build socialism. If the CPUSA had
gone through a similar evolution in the 1950's after Khruschev's
revelations, then US politics might be in better shape than it is today.

On Tue, 28 Mar 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> Ron Press wrote:
> >I submit that the birth of the USSR took place in the midst of the
> >chaos of the first world war. This gave rise to the system of
> >Soviets. This was also unique for it's time. The abandonment of
> >the Soviet system and it's transformation into the dictatorship of
> >the party (it was supposed to be the proletariat) lead to the
> >ultimate disaster of recent years.
> Abandonment and transformation into.... Was it really that simple? Is it
> really all we can learn? It strikes me that we are not anywhere near a full
> understanding of either the strengths (that many here don't want to
> acknowledege under any circumstances) nor the weaknesses of the Soviet
> experience. That such a complex and multifaceted struggle to try and build
> socialism can be so glibly summerized and dismissed is to me one of the main
> obstacles to learning anything from that experience.
> Scott
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