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I'm not sure that this was cross-posted into the Marxism list, but just
in case it wasn't, I'm doing so now. There are 2 items that I want to
recommend especially: the seminar tapes by David Harvey and Leo Panitch.
I attended these and recommend them highly. Also, for Chris Burford's
information, there's a tape of Joel Kovel speaking on the (psychological)
Roots of US Anticommunism.

Louis Proyect


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Audiotapes of Brecht Forum/NYMS Lectures and Seminars

All lectures and seminars sponsored by The Brecht
Forum and its projects, The New York Marxist School and
the Institute for Popular Education, are available on
audiotape. Prices are $7 for lecture tapes (single
cassette) and $20 for seminar tapes (usually three or
more cassettes). Listings of recent lectures and other
events can be found in,
alt.activism, nyc.announce, and other newsgroups under
the heading "[month] New York Marxist School Events."

The following audiotapes of recent lectures and seminars
are available:


**Mimi Abramovitz (Hunter College School of Social Work;
author, _Regulating the Lives of Women_); Welfare Reform
Today: Myths and Facts

**Theresa Amott (author, _Caught in the Crisis: Women and
the U.S. Economy Today_; Associate Professor of
Economics, Bucknell University); Women in the U.S.

**Phyllis Bennis (FAIR-Fairness and Accuracy in
Reporting; Pacifica Radio/WBAI-FM, New York) and Laura
Flanders (FAIR; WBAI); Gerry Adams and Yasir Arafat: A
Kinder, Gentler Treatment?

**Ellen Braune (New Channels Communications) and Steve
Rendell (FAIR--Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting);
Today's News: The Other Point of View [two panels
available: Mexico and the Media, recorded in February,
and Analyzing and Confronting Right-wing Media, recorded
in March; various speakers on each panel]

**David Brooks (Director, Mexico-U.S. Dialogos; U.S.
correspondent for _La Jornada_) and Doug Henwood
(economist; editor and publisher, _Left Business
Observer_); The Mexican Miracle--Out of Order: What's
Happening to the Bush/Clinton World Vision?

**Dennis Brutus (South African writer, poet, anti-
apartheid activist; University of Pittsburgh) and Erich
Mathias (Fifty Years Is Enough Campaign); Fifty Years Is
Enough: Time to Transform the World Bank and IMF

**Paul Buhle (co-editor, _Encyclopedia of the American
Left_) and Walter Bernstein (scriptwriter for Woody
Allen's _The Front_ and television's _You Are There_);
Political Amnesia and Popular Culture: The Entertainment
Blacklist and the Left Writer

**Jan Carew (author, _Ghosts in Our Blood: With Malcolm X
in Africa, England and the Caribbean_); The Malcolm X
Biographies: Gender and Class--Historiography Gone Astray

**Lynn Chancer (Barnard College; author, _Sado-Masochism
in Everyday Life: The Dynamics of Power and
Powerlessness_); Sado-Masochism in Everyday Life

**Ron Daniels (Director, Center for Constitutional
Rights; former Executive Director, National Rainbow
Coalition); The Politics of Social Transformation

**Matthew Dumont (psychiatrist; author, _Treating the
Poor_ and _The Absurd Healer_); The Global Economy and
the Privatization of Mental Health

**Bob Fitch (journalist, New York); The Rudy Revolution:
Giuliani's Assault on the Poor, People of Color, and the
Public Sector

**Eric Foner (historian, Columbia University; author,
_Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-
1877_); Race and Citizenship in American History

**Robert Guttmann (Hofstra University and Universite
Paris Nord; author, _How Credit Money Shapes the
Economy_); Credit and the Economy

**David Harvey (geographer, urban theorist, Oxford
University and Johns Hopkins University); Politics in an
Urban World: The Relevance of Marxist Theory

**Doug Henwood (economist; editor/publisher _Left
Business Observer_); Economy Up, People Down

**Joel Kovel (Alger Hiss Professor of Social Studies,
Bard College; author, _White Racism: A Psychohistory_ and
_History and Spirit: An Inquiry into the Philosophy of
Liberation_); The Roots of U.S. Anti-Communism

**William Kunstler (attorney, New York); Crime, Justice,
and the Right to Counsel

**Michael Lerner (editor, _Tikkun_ magazine; author, _The
Socialism of Fools: Anti-Semitism on the Left_); Anti-
Semitism on the Left

**Richard Levins (biologist, Harvard University); Science
in Politics, Politics in Science: Prediction, Surprise,

**Richard Levins and Joan Gibbs (human and civil rights
activist); Out from under the Bell Curve

**Clarence Lusane (author, _African Americans at the
Crossroads_); The Duboisian Challenge

**Manning Marable (writer; Institute for Research in
Black Culture, Columbia University); Beyond the Politics
of Identity

**Mzwanele Mayekiso (leader of Alexandra civic movement;
U.S. representative of South African National Civic
Organizations [SANCO]); The Civic Movement in South
Africa: Current Challenges and Prospects

**Jakob Moneta (member, Federal Executive, German Party
of Democratic Socialism; former labor attache in Paris
for Metal Workers Union); Trade Unions in Germany and

**David Nasaw (author, _Going Out: The Rise and Fall of
Public Amusements_ and _Children of the City: At Work and
at Play_); Popular Amusements and the Politics of

**June Nash (writer; professor, City University of New
York); Chiapas in Context

**Stuart Newman (developmental biologist; board member,
Council for Responsible Genetics); The Gene-ing of
America: Use and Abuse of Genetic Science

**Sheila Rowbotham (author, _Woman's Consciousness, Man's
World_); New Visions of Socialism

**Nan Rubin (founder, Community Media Services); The
Global Information Superhighway

**Annette Rubinstein (activist; literary critic; author,
_American Literature: Root and Flower_ and _The Great
Tradition in English Literature: From Shakespeare to
Shaw_); The Hidden Dorothy Parker

**John Saul (York University, Toronto; author,
"Globalism, Socialism and Democracy in the South African
Transition"); What Kind of Transition in South Africa?

**Bob Weil, Barbara, Ed Vernoff, and Helene Dunkelblau
(teachers who taught in China); Students in China: First-
hand Accounts

**Steffie Woolhandler, M.D. (founder, Physicians for a
National Health Care Policy); Health Care Goes Corporate:
Where Do We Go from Here?

**Erik Olin Wright (coauthor, _Reconstructing Marxism_);
Marxism: Class Analysis _or_ Historical Materialism?


**Chip Berlet (journalist; Political Research Associates)
and Matthew Lyons (PRA); The Resistible Rise of Neo-

**Joseph Buttigieg (writer; political scientist; Fellow,
Center for European Studies, University of Notre Dame);
Which Gramsci? Why Now?

**Boris Kagarlitsky (founder, Russian Socialist Party;
Russian Party of Labor; former member, Moscow City
Council; author, _The Mirage of Modernization_); The
Russian Left and Mass Movements

**Jakob Moneta (member, Federal Executive, German Party
of Democratic Socialism; former labor attache in Paris
for Metal Workers Union); Trade Unions in Germany and

**Leo Panitch (editor, _Socialist Register_);
Globalization and A "Different Kind of State"

To order tapes, please make checks or money orders
payable to *The Brecht Forum* and send to The Brecht
Forum, 122 West 27 Street, 10 floor, New York, New York
10001. Please enclose an additional $1.00 per order to
cover postage costs. (For orders outside the United
States, send an international money order or bank check
payable in U.S. funds and enclose an additional US$5 per
order to cover air postage.)


Videotapes of selected Brecht Forum events are available
from Turning the Tide, PO Box 631, Wilton, New Hampshire
03086; (603) 654-2672. Contact TTT for catalog or price


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