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Thu Mar 30 07:11:07 MST 1995

Yes this is interesting, (I appreciate Louis's reference) and I think there
is arguably a connection. As the debate about ogres continued on this
list, I came to think that this most scientific, this most terrible
century, cannot be understood, Stalin, Hitler, McCarthy, cannot be
understood, without realising that this century also deeply believed in

The most detailed testimony of a most persuasive kind, supported by the
public trials, in which the defendants co-operated, justified the
terrifying phenomena of the purges in the Soviet Union of the Thirties.

It occurs to me that Arthur Miller's fine play, more cheaply and
accessibly seen in London than in New York these days, the Crucible, was
not just a parable about McCarthy but at some level reflected and
reflects the horrors sometimes summed up in the word "Stalin".

Chris Burford, London.
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 > On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:
 > > I'm not sure that this was cross-posted into the Marxism list, but just
 > > in case it wasn't, I'm doing so now. There are 2 items that I want to
 > > recommend especially: the seminar tapes by David Harvey and Leo Panitch.
 > > I attended these and recommend them highly. Also, for Chris Burford's
 > > information, there's a tape of Joel Kovel speaking on the (psychological)
 > > Roots of US Anticommunism.
 > >
 > > Louis Proyect
 > The psychological roots of US anti-communism? An interesting topic,
 > especially since the the Soviet Stalinists often treated "anti-communism"
 > or "anti-Sovietism" as a mental illness, filling mental hospitals with
 > political dissidents.
 > Rob Frantz
 > Seattle, WA
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