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  >>>>>>>> But as you've noted, understanding of the complex must
  be rooted in the basics. So again to show me how any 'new'
  theory should modify my approach I need to be shown how it
  relates to the basics of exploitation etc.


  1) It depends from whence you come. I came to marxism via
  science. Maurice Cornforth "Marxism and Science" Lenin
  "Materialism and Imperio-Criticism ",, and similar. For me the
  basic strength of marxism is that it demonstrates that the
  scientific world, the economic and political, are all part of
  the same picture. Hence if the new scientific theories reinforce
  my marxism it gives me much pleasure.

  2) It must be of some use theoretically.

  A) Since the new theories reinforce marxism it strengthens the
  working class struggle.

  B) For me it increases my understanding of how the USSR could
  arise out of the old but also revert.The theory of strange
  attractors and non-linear geometries give greater understanding
  of revolutionary change and it's reversibility. But this
  reversibility is not merely a reversion to the past but a new
  reflection of the past.  History goes in NEVER repeating CYCLES.
  This was never raised or hinted at by my leaders of the time.
  The USSR was a irremovale rock. Just as the genus homo sapiens
  was the "TOP" of the evolutionary tree so was the USSR. Even
  today when one suggests that the designation top, for Homo
  Sapiens ( or the USSR), is too strong most of my friends get a
  bit hesitant.

  C) There are many similar aspects that encourage me in my beleif
  that the new theories have much to offer us in understanding

  3) It must help in paractice.

  A) Most if not all systems of governance are based on the top
  down, bottom up principle. The pyramid. As far as I am aware all
  socialist systems adopt this to a major degree. The capitalists
  are all top down while the extent of bottom up under socialism
  seems varaible but not strong.

  Fractal theory indicates that there are layers in nature. Take
  for example the Devils Causeway in Ireland. The pattern seen by
  the eye is mirrored by the pattern of the crystals that form the
  rock which in their turn mirror the molecular structure.

  The pattern or system of organisation of government is mirrored
  in that in local government, again in companies, in football
  clubs, even down to the nuclear family with the man at the head.
  The Pyramid.  What we fail to do is to look a bit deeper. The
  system we see in society should be present in the human brain
  which after all produces the system, or at least pays a major
  part in it.

  The Human brain is far more democratic. Memories are not stored
  in libraries or archives. They are distributed. The internet is
  much more like the human brain in this respect. This is one of
  the reasons they (The capitalists) are seeking ways to take it

  Human activities such as speach, hearing, sight, are localised
  in separate sections of the brain but interact and exchange
  information. If one is damaged others can to an extent take
  over. BUT THERE IS NO central major domo, no dictator or
  president or primeminister. The idea that there was a pinneal
  gland which directed the brain's activities is nonsense. (This
  was an example where the system of the upper layer imposed an
  untruth on the lower layer for political reasons.)

  This has major consequences fof the system or organisation of

  There must be an agreed view on the major aspects of governance.
  But the pyramidal structure is all wrong.

  It brings into question the "What does a vanguard mean?" "What
  is this dicatorship of the working class?"

  A concrete example.

  An arms factory pollutes a river. No pyramidal system has the
  will to change that.  The Government (Socialist or Capitalist),
  the workers, the owners, all support in various measure the
  continued existence of the factory.

  How can such pollution be prevented. Only by the pressure and
  activity of an independent green watchdog.  Examples of this are

  There were none in the USSR. There are some in the USA and
  Europe. But they are not encouraged, or financed by government.
  Just the opposite.

  A Socialist system should do so.

  If my understanding of the human brain is somewhere near the
  truth, Government should be a coalition of interest groups and
  elected representatives.

  Education should be run by representatives of those working in
  education, those being educated, and other interested parties.
  Including elected representatives of the community and the

  In the UK, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and similar, have
  done more for the environment that the Department of the
  Environment. ( or the trade unions although they are less
  cupable than the bosses.)

  B) Time and time again political organisations, Non Governmental
  orgainsations, co-operatives, and community efforts appear. They
  develop and emmerge outside of the political and theroetical
  framework of the established left. Not only are they not
  encouraged but they are so often sneared at or degraded because
  they are not "revolutionary" or "Not working class but
  middleclass". If they grow take them over mould them to fit into
  the established norm.

  I have heard echoes of this on the list from time to time. The
  whole idea of emmergence, of self-organisation, of the
  appearance of new species out on the detritis of the old is
  elaborated and given flesh by some of the new threories. We
  should learn from them.

  My personal fear is that in South Africa the new structures
  which have emerged out of the struggle will not only not be
  encouraged. Will they be seen as competitors and be destroyed.

  C) Some of the ideas in A) , B) above have emerged in South
  Africa. I do not suggest that in anyway fractal theory has payed
  a part. But perhaps the mole of history is at work implimenting
  the theory in its own way. If we become consious of this then we
  will be better revolutionaries.

  Ron Press

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