Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Mar 30 11:45:49 MST 1995

I'm looking for a radical history of English rule in Ireland that would
explain Ireland's poverty in terms of English imperialist exploitation.
I've checked 2 books and they don't seem to do it. The Collected Writings
of James Connolly is geared more to nationalist and socialist strategy
rather than the type of analysis I'm looking for. Another book by
Raymond Crotty looked promising but it was too academic. I guess what I'm
looking for is the type of treatment that Chomsky or Howard Zinn do, but
one that is focused on Ireland. Another model would be Walter Rodney's
"How Europe Underdeveloped Africa." Substitute England for Europe and
Ireland and you'll figure out exactly what I'm looking for. Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.

Louis Proyect

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