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  ...The pattern or system of organisation of government is mirrored
  in that in local government, again in companies, in football
  clubs, even down to the nuclear family with the man at the head.
  The Pyramid.  What we fail to do is to look a bit deeper. The
  system we see in society should be present in the human brain
  which after all produces the system, or at least pays a major
  part in it.

  The Human brain is far more democratic. Memories are not stored
  in libraries or archives. They are distributed. The internet is
  much more like the human brain in this respect. This is one of
  the reasons they (The capitalists) are seeking ways to take it

  Human activities such as speach, hearing, sight, are localised
  in separate sections of the brain but interact and exchange
  information. If one is damaged others can to an extent take
  over. BUT THERE IS NO central major domo, no dictator or
  president or primeminister. The idea that there was a pinneal
  gland which directed the brain's activities is nonsense. (This
  was an example where the system of the upper layer imposed an
  untruth on the lower layer for political reasons.)

  This has major consequences fof the system or organisation of
  society. ...

Lisa Rogers asks:

Is this a controversial view?  Or is it just me?  I don't know of any
reason why or mechanism by which a societal system could come to
resemble a conceptual map of brain function.

I expect each person to join, leave, modify, bully or persuade any
group or institution to the extent that one finds any such activity
to be worthwhile.  Therefore, behavior responds to all circumstances
of significance to a person.  At this level of
generalization/abstraction when none of those circumstances have been
specified, (including the pre-existence of other people, ideas and
institutions at time-zero), the outcome at time-1 could be anything.
A wide variety of power structures / societal systems have in fact
all been outcomes - hence the diversity of societies all over this
planet for many millenia.  Some of them look much less specialized or
coordinated or otherwise very different from the human brain,
although the brain remains the same.


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