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Thu Mar 30 13:40:59 MST 1995

Ron Press wrote:
>I submit that the birth of the USSR took place in the midst of the
>chaos of the first world war. This gave rise to the system of
>Soviets. This was also unique for it's time. The abandonment of
>the Soviet system and it's transformation into the dictatorship of
>the party (it was supposed to be the proletariat) lead to the
>ultimate disaster of recent years.

One could equally argue that it was the transformation of the
soviet system to one in which the soviets were dominated by the
communist party ( the soviets of course continued to exist ),
was what enabled the soviet union to survive and transform
itself into a socialist industrial state.

I think that the idea of a soviet republic without communist
party domination, whilst possible, is unlikely to be long lived.
Wherever soviets have been dominated by other parties, bourgeois
rule either survived or returned.

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