Gingrich and the 18th Brumaire

Michael D. Damore mdamore at
Thu Mar 30 14:55:10 MST 1995

	Interesting post of yours one the 24th of March (I just got to
it).  How about replacing the pez with the much longer term "the
frightened, huddled, extremely religious and superstitious, bordering on
racist white folk."  I think that your proposition of middle managers
works, but all the middle managers in the world don't make up enough
support to rule. Angry, stupid, poor white folks do, and if we have
peseantry in this nation (which we don't), they come the closest to being it.

They vote, much more they vote the way the Pat Robertson tells them to.
They don't act politically according to their economic benefit, but they
think they do (again much like the pez of Europe, who were often
counter-revolutionary because their short-term interests lied with that
position, but their long-term interests, of course would have been to rid
themsleves of fuedal lords and capitalist bosses).  "Wow, I'll get the
tax burden off me for them damn welfare cheats, and the bad, atheistic
public schools will no longer burden my tax money either, and we'll have
god back in the nation once again and good, old fashion family values
too."  Sound familiar; I think it sound like Euro peseantry round the
time of capitalist expansion in Europe -- different words, same intent,
and same value to the stateists who have their own scary agenda.
	The only good thing about using the French model is what came
after Nappy III, the Commune.  This time let's hope it lasts longer than
a few weeks.


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