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Hm.  According to my last professor of Soviet history, the campaign
*delayed* the installation, but only for a while.  The thing got built in
the 70s.

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On Thu, 30 Mar 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> Ron said
>   How can such pollution be prevented. Only by the pressure and
>   activity of an independent green watchdog.  Examples of this are
>   legion.
>   There were none in the USSR. There are some in the USA and
>   Europe. But they are not encouraged, or financed by government.
>   Just the opposite.
> This is not true. I remember reading in the late 70s or early
> 80s reports in New Scientist of the campaigns by scientists in
> the Siberian region against the opening of a factory on
> lake Baikal, it was either a Viscose or a Paper Pulp factory
> ( anyway it used wood pulp). This threatened to pollute the late.
> The campaign got the factory development stopped.
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