Insurance industry vrs. Marx

Howie Chodos howie at
Fri Mar 31 09:52:30 MST 1995

I found N. Gant's comments on the insurance industry stimulating, though I
agree with Doug Henwood's reply about insurance being a form of "risk
socialisation" and not "gambling". I just want to add one further point to
what Doug has already said.

Even if N. Gant is right that the insurance industry is now top capitalist
dog, I am not sure that it follows that "our main thrust against capitalism
in the U.S. [should] be directed towards the insurance industry". I am not
really sure what a "main thrust" would be at this point anyway, but there
could also be many valid reasons for not attacking the strongest part of the
enemy camp first. Basically, it seems to me that we need an overall
strategy, which would encompass a detailed analysis of the state of
capitalism, globally and sectorally, as well as defining the nature of our
objectives, before we can begin to determine the direction of our "main thrust".

Howie Chodos

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