Use Value (and not really Aesthetics)

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Fri Mar 31 23:09:35 MST 1995

This is totally reminiscent and consistent, in my mind, with the powerful
green critique of what we call capitalism - that it "externalises the
costs of production" - ie onto the environment, and I would say, onto the
quality of human life too.

Chris Burford
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 > i think that howie raises some important issues here in terms of how to
 > situate domestic labour--what is beig referred to here as the "domestic
 > mode of production."  i think howie is right to suggest that domestic
 > labor does indeed produce commodities, namely labor power.  however, what
 > is important about this is that the production of labor power is
 > predominatly unpaid labor.  the important part about this is that we can
 > see how capitalism needs "other" systems of production along side itself
 > to appropriate and exploit and ultimately submit to the logic of
 > commodity production.  this is to suggest that while capitalism is
 > clearly the dominant mode of production, there are parallel systems of
 > production that are present, yet incorporated into the "logic" of
 > capitalist production.  In other words, these "other" systems of
 > production are not "outside" capitalism in the sense that they offer
 > alternative possibilities for resistance, they are fully integrated into
 > the system of production that is capitalism, it is just that they are not
 > organized in the same manner.  they contribute to capitalism even as they
 > are not synonymous with capitalism.

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