Fri Mar 31 21:43:24 MST 1995

There is a very useful book - don't be put off by the title -
called "Ireland For Beginners"  distributed in the USA by WW
Norton and Company, 500 Fifth Avenue, NY 10110.  The book is by
Phil Evans and Eileen Pollock.  It also contains a brief but useful

>I'm looking for a radical history of English rule in Ireland that would
>explain Ireland's poverty in terms of English imperialist exploitation.
>I've checked 2 books and they don't seem to do it. The Collected Writings
>of James Connolly is geared more to nationalist and socialist strategy
>rather than the type of analysis I'm looking for. Another book by
>Raymond Crotty looked promising but it was too academic. I guess what I'm
>looking for is the type of treatment that Chomsky or Howard Zinn do, but
>one that is focused on Ireland. Another model would be Walter Rodney's
>"How Europe Underdeveloped Africa." Substitute England for Europe and
>Ireland and you'll figure out exactly what I'm looking for. Any suggestions
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Louis Proyect
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Robert Ferguson

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