Self Criticism on the internet, Mick from MIM confesses.

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Wed Nov 1 10:15:37 MST 1995

	This is almost as good as reading a pissed-off Ralph Dumain!  A
tip o' the glass to you...

				-- Jeff Booth

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995 g.maclennan at wrote:

> I have to be after telling the whole truth.  I was sitting down one day
> dreaming of the Long March to come and think of the day when we would be
> clearing out the cities and moving them all out to the countryside to get
> a feed.  and I was thinking of how grand it would be to be driving up and
> down the line of prisoners and them fainting and dropping off and dying
> and being shot and all the time me knowing that I was making the world a
> btter place. And I started to count up the number of people we would have
> to kill.  I normally like doing that.  But I was listing them all out in
> me head.  The doctors, the lawyers, the dentists (I don't like them at
> all), the Trotskyists, the ex-trotskyists, the Social democrats, the
> ex-social democrats, the revisionists, the ex-revisionists.  And didn't
> myself begin to panic and think that I'd never be able to do it.  It's
> not that I mind the executing, I'm as keen as the next Maoist to be at
> the killing.  It's just that I thought that I would never have the time
> to re-educate that many.
> Anyway I upped and saw me cousin Rory from MIM and he says to me"Don't
> you be fretting yourself, Mick.  Just you take a look at the posts of our
> young cousin Pat from MIM.  Now there's a lad that's keen to be on with
> the butchering.  He'll be slaughtering and mowing them down and Uncle Joe
> himself will be lepping in the grave trying to get out to help him.  And
> Cosin Pol from MIM will be deadset jealous."
> I thanked me cousin Rory and on
> me way home I was after thinking of our young hero, Pat from MIM, and how
> nobody had liked him at school, and how even his mother and father hadn't
> liked him.  But despite all that Pat was still determined to kill
> millions to make the world a better place.  Now that's noble I thought.
> The EmanciPATor.  Isn't humanity lucky?
> Mick from MIM
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