The Dispossessed

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Thu Nov 2 01:48:48 MST 1995

I've never met anyone who's read this
wonderful novel except on this list.
So I've never had a chance to talk
to other's who've read it and said
which bits I particularly loved...
which is what i usually do when I
talk about films and books with people.
So here are three bits that i thought were
excellent. I write this as much for my
own satisfaction as others. If you have
not read the book then read it rather
than this post 'cause it might spoil it
for you.

What I liked best number 1:

I loved the way that the middle
class intelectuals who looked after
the cosmologist initially on the planet
like earth were totally ignorant of
and insulated from the masses. They
were ignorant of their ignorance
despite being the leading intellectuals
their society.

What I liked best number 2:

I loved the portrait of the revolutionary
leader that the cosmologist was taken to
meet. Exhausted, worried and tough.

What I liked best number 3:

I loved the bit where the masses marched
on the capital and packed the main square
and then were attacked by the helicopter
gunship. And in the carnage and panic an
anonymous dying worker daubed 'never surrender'
or something like that in their own blood
on the gates of the state building. I loved
the way all this was witnessed through
the entirely naive but intelligent eyes
of the cosmologist from the anarchist planet.

I haven't read the book for years and so
can't remember any names (and possibly I
remember it all wrong anyway). But I guess
what you remember after a number of years

is what you take from the book anyway.

I think 'marxists' and 'anarchists' could
usefully read each others work more than they do.
I have found the anarchist stuff I have read
be very rich in content and most of it entirely
consistent everything I've ever read by Marx.
I have heard many otherwise excellent marxists
condemn anarchism in a blanket way and I swear
they've never read a word of anarchist writing.

they've never read a word of anarchist writing.

Will Brown   Bristol   England

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