Trotskyite marginalia (we'll see)

Steve Wallis S.Wallis at
Thu Nov 2 04:25:57 MST 1995

Jeff answered Louis' points very well, but led me add that the issue isn't
just about the two largest and most influential left organisations in
Britain, but of strategy for building a mass revolutionary party capable of
carrying out a successful socialist revolution.  It is a vital issue
which any socialist organisation anywhere in the world has to deal with.

And I might take Louis' attacks more seriously if his organisation had led
a struggle on the scale of the anti-poll tax campaign.  I've never heard
of them, so I wouldn't know...

Steve (Militant Labour/CWI)

Louis wrote:
> Let me make it public: I (notice, I am not using the royal "we") can give a
> rat's ass about Militant Labor and the SWP. This has about as much intrinsic
> interest as MIM/Pat3's retro-Stalinism. Once you move beyond the
> framework of your small circles (believe me, that's all you amount to), you
> will not find much curiousity in the sect politics you represent. Get it?

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