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>On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, James Miller wrote:

>First of all, some very fine Marxists subjected the LTV to some
>criticism, including Paul Sweezy. The idea that Paul Sweezy, therefore, is
>not a Marxist seems wrong to me.
>Also, Marxists don't "project" the end of capitalism, this is what
>academics and other Marxologists do. Marxists act on their convictions and
>form organizations and parties to realize this goal.

Mauro jr:
I'd like to understand the term - very fine Marxists_. Paul Sweezy? He
claims to be a marxist. But also Claudio Napoleoni was used to call himself
a marxist economist....
On the other hand you do are saying that Sweezy could be a Marxologist,
because it doesn't seems to me that he gave great contributions to the
boulding of a revolutionary class party. Am I wrong?

True. >Under the impact of major events, all sorts of intellectuals
>>can be drawn over to the "side of the proletariat.
That is a permanent danger. And, as we are still far away the major events,
the most important tasks of the revolutionaries is to define and draw
precise class-lines. Too many infiltrates are in the working class political
scene (from the socialdemocrats to the syndacalists, from the priests (even
worker-priests)to the demagogic rightwing-ers.
And shold be not so difficult to draw the class lines. If it is, it's
because the confusion left by stalinism before and afterwhile the collapse
of the Russian imperialist front is great.
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