Cyberseminar reporter update

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Nov 3 08:23:11 MST 1995

Louis: Marc has volunteered to tackle Trotsky's "Struggle against
Fascism". This is the current roster:

author                            title                     reporter

Marx                           18th Brumaire                 Louis

Woodward                       Tom Watson, Agrarian Rebel    Louis

Gramsci                        Pre-prison writings           Bryan

Guerin                         Fascism and Big Business      Matt

Hitler, etc.                   to be determined              Francisco

Jackel                         Hitler's Blueprint for Power  Bill

Trotsky                        Struggle against Fascism      Marc

Balibar/Poulantzas             to be determined              David

Deleuze, etc.                  to be determined              Jon

Ridgeway                       Blood in the Face             --------

Baldwin                        The Fire Next Time            --------

Malcolm X                      Autobiography                 --------

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