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Fri Nov 3 12:29:17 MST 1995


Is this the sort of thing that gets people's juices flowing?

"The communist movement began pointing to the historic logic
inherent in the world capitalist system in late 1990 and early 1991
during Washington's war against Iraq, which revealed growing
conflicts among the imperialist powers that made up the U.S.-led
military alliance. Since then we have seen the Patrick Buchanan and
Ross Perot presidential election bids in 1992, the inclusion of a fascist
party in the new Italian government, and the growth of anti-immigrant
violence by fascist gangs in Germany. These and related developments
in the imperialist countries can help us understand the more concretely
the road toward WWIII, the 'opening guns' of which could begin to be
detected during the Gulf War."

These are the words of American SWP cult leader Jack Barnes who
has made a habit of declaring that it was 5 minutes to midnight. This
is the sort of thing that is the stock-in-trade of ultraleft Trotskyite
sectarians. Barnes has dropped the Trotskyism, but clings mightily to
his apolcalyptic visions.

I remember back in 1978 when I was working in a steel-mill in Kansas
City hearing the same sort of fire-breathing nonsense. This is the sort
of thing that can only come from somebody who hasn't worked in an
office or a factory for the better part of thirty years, as Barnes hasn't.
He is surrounded by a bunch of yes-men and women who nod their
heads in agreement with every word out of this nudnik's mouth.



This is the sort of nonsense that can only come from somebody who
doesn't trudge off to work to some mundane assembly-line or data-
entry job each morning. Their co-workers aren't going to be discussing
forming armed self-defense units against the fascist threat, they will be
talking about how the local football team is doing or how Oprah
Winfrey's latest diet is coming.

I wish somebody who was a member of the American SWP would turn
up on this list, then you would get a chance to see the polemical side of
my personality.

This does it for my one post on the subject of fascism for today. I have
already posted something on an unrelated topic, so that does it for me.
See you tomorrow.

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