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Fri Nov 3 17:48:25 MST 1995

The polemics on whether Keen is marxist or not, is going to be boring.
I'm going to read the documents by Keen I've not yet read. Then , I suppose,
will write some more accurate Comments.
Meanwhile I'm due to affirm my agreements with the developments given by
Miller to my sentences about academics;
> Bourgeois economists, and other social scientists, who
>function as part of the ideological superstructure of
>capitalist society, whether they know it or not, play a
>role in helping to win support for the right of a wealthy
>minority to rule society. This pro-capitalist ideology is
>actively assimilated by wide layers of the educated middle
>classes, and forms a strong support for the continued rule
>of the moneyed elite. It is through these middle layers
>that the masses of wage workers are indoctrinated in the
>public schools, through the communications media, etc.

Miller tahen says >. Sweezy supports socialism; Steve assumes capitalism
>is permanent
I'm new in the list and didn't know Keen before. Is the above point right?
If it is, there is no doubt: Keen is not on this side of the class-line (let
aside the now unfortunatlely boring term "marxist").
The suspect that the Miller's point is right comes when I read what Keen writes:

>The causation is the other way around: if you believe in the
>labor theory of value, then you must believe that revolution
>is inevitable. The question then is, how sound are the
>grounds for the labor theory of value?

As revolutionary communist I hate the syllogisms, bu here also the premises
are wrong.
_If you believe in the labor theory of value, then you must believe that
>is inevitable_ is a Keen's statement, neither by Marx nor by the
revolutionary historical movement. The truth is that if you believe (I'd say
if you understand) the labor theory of value, then you know the real
alternative which is barbarism or revolution.
And actually, to defend the eternity of the capitalism is to defend the
present trend to barbarism. We type our posts on the Net while 3/4 of the
humanty is starving, we enjoy the calmness and the warm of our own flats(or
houses) while millions(in Italy but tens of milions in the most advanced
country) of our peers are homeless, marginalized and pushed to the
criminality just to survive. The mainpowers (USA Russia Germany Japan...)
are managing hundreds of local wars trying to delay the general "redde
rationem". Restructuring of productive processes, delocalisations of
productions, seek to recover or at least mantain the rate of profit while
the financial capital rise up its own voracity of plusvalue, actually
working, without its will, against the production - the general result
beeing the impoverishment of the proletariat worlwide. And let aside the
true, the proletariat is silent. It has been defeated about 70 years ago:
militarly in Germany and in China, politically in Russia and thanks to the
political weaknesses of the third International at the international scale.
It believed in Russian "socialism" and when this one collapsed the
proletariat lost any ideal reference. It has not been able to reply to the
most important attack since 60 years: thirty millions of jobs lost in Ocde
area and a loss of 12% of the total wage (v) in the same area. At the moment
beeing the working class does not represent a danger for the capitalistic
dynamic. Therefore, at the moment beeing, the course to barbarism is still open.
Is not the main task of "marxists" to support the hate for capitalism,
instead of theorize the impossibility of the revolution, due ... to the
so-called waknesses of the LTV? Is not our duty to unmask the stalinist
ideology smuggled as marxism? And how many intellectuals abandoned THAT
"marxism" after its material defeat for going back straight to the
pre-marxist ideologies?
I'm going to download the Keens documents.
Rev greetings.

Mauro Junior
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