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Fri Nov 3 18:54:03 MST 1995

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Robert Peter Burns wrote:

> But come on, this is trivial, small-minded stuff.  The
> struggle for socialism and justice needs workers on all
> fronts, in all organizations--politics, economics, culture,
> the arts, and yes, in the churches too.  The class struggle
> has many sites, including the site of religious belief and
> practice, and the Catholic Church is one site where a fierce
> struggle is taking place to see whether it will become an
> ally in the cause of liberation, or its enemy.

	I think it's pretty clear by now that Vatican II has joined
`actually existing communism' on the slag-heap of History, as far as the
`(One and Only) Universal and Catholic Church' is concerned...

	All I expect of _your_ struggle is a monumental split (or schism
if you prefer) in your church.  I also expect that Catholic Workers are
about as welcome in Roma as Trotskyists are/were in Moskva...  :>

  I like to
> think with Saint Paul that while sin abounds <not least
> in the Church>, grace abounds even more, though it doesn't
> always look that way.  But Central America and South
> Africa in the 80s and the US civil rights movement in the
> 60s were places where a glimpse was had of genuine Gospel values
> being lived out, and it was exciting!  Socialists should be
> happy, not churlish, when support comes from hitherto unexpected
> quarters.

	We have to work together -- not least because sometimes you are
the ONLY people doing the `good work' for whatever reason -- but I have
always considered the failure of communists to get their message across,
even to the working class, to be a fundamental weakness on our part.  The
objective evil of Capitalism _forces_ even the superstitious inexorably
towards socialism and revolution -- and yet, they see it only through the
veil of your theology of liberation...  :<

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