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Thursday, November 2, 1995 Decatur Herald and Review, page 1

Doctor warns hunger striker must end fast or risk serious

by Gary Minich, staff writer

DECATUR -- Dan Lane must end his 62-day fast or risk permanent damage to
his system or even death, his doctor said Wednesday afternoon.
     Dr. David Gill, who has been monitoring the locked-out A.E. Staley
Mfg. Co. worker since he started his fast September 1, said Lane's
condition has seriously deteriorated over the past two days.
     "He is increasingly weak. He has fallen and nearly fainted.
     "His blood pressure has fallen substantially," said Gill, a family
practice physician from Champaign.
     Gill said he is most worried about Lane's blood pressure and pulse
     He came to Decatur on Wednesday because he considered it unsafe for
Lane to drive to Champaign.
     "I have urged him to eat since he started," said Gill. "(On
Wednesday) I urged him more forcefully."
     Gill described Lane's condition as "poor" and "guarded," and said
he will deteriorate quickly now that his reserves of strength and
stamina are apparently used up.
     "I think Dan has hit his own personal wall," Gill said. "He has a
difficult decision to make, but he must make it soon."
     Lane's weight has dropped from 216 pounds to less than 170.
     While Lane has consistently said he has no plans to be a martyr,
Gill said it was unclear to him whether Lane will take his advice.
However, the doctor said Lane was mentally competent to make his own
decision.  "He is completely oriented.  He understands where he is and
what is happening."
     Gill said Lane's condition worsened quickly after a trip to New
York last week to address the AFL-CIO National convention, where Lane
urged leaders to join in pressure on PepsiCo.
     United Paperworkers Local 7837, which has been involved in a
contract dispute with Staley since 1992, wants Pepsi to stop using
Staley as a supplier of high-fructose corn syrup.


Donna Lane, Dan's wife, asked supporters to call Pepsi at 1-800-433-2652
and tell Pepsi to not renew their contract with Staley.  Pepsi Cola,
which accounts for 30% of Staley's customer base, is scheduled to sign a
new contract with Staley on January 1, 1996.

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