facism seminar

Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at email.state.ut.us
Fri Nov 3 21:00:30 MST 1995

Dear Uncle Lou,

I'll take Malcolm X.  I'm already 2/3 through it.  I'm learning a
lot, but I'm not sure how it relates to facism, but that's okay for
now, that's what the seminar is for, right?

I hope you know I really appreciate you laying off MIM, if only
temporarily, partly because every post gets a reply, or 2, or 3, and
I hate it that some people are paying per post or paying per line in
order to receive the list, only to get repetitive flames.  I swear I
have sincerely tried at least three times to engage "Pat" in
conversation, but I never got a direct answer to my questions, so I
mostly gave up long ago.

It's a shame, because MIM actually had a couple of interesting
points, not new to me entirely, but new to list-conversation.  Too
bad they were buried in such obnoxious rhetoric, apologetics for
elimination of "impure" pretenders to marxism, some strange
interpretations of Marx and other such off-putting stuff.  Peculiar
"sales" tactics, I think, not likely to reap much success.

Oh well, enough about that.  Have you any nominations for co-mods?
How about you?  Of course, if you are interested you might have to
cut back on the vituperative invective a bit, and I would hate to see
that happen :)  Bearing the mantle of 'moderation' I feel that I can
only allow myself about 3-4 serious on-list tantrums per year.  I may
want out of this unpaid "job" at some time in the future...

p.s. I find we have a mutual friend?  Al Campbell.

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