Keen, the LTV and the LTP

Scott Marshall Scott at
Fri Nov 3 18:30:00 MST 1995

This is a theory which rejects
>all claims to capitalist income as morally unjustified,
>the idea being that mere property ownership has no intrinsic
>connection with productive agency or with need, the two
>basic claims to income entitlement that a socialist will require.
>Leaving to one side claims based on need for one moment,
>it is enough for socialists to argue that the systematic
>requirement of capitalism for property income is exploitative
>of the labor upon which that income is necessarily predicated.

This sounds a great deal like Upton Sinclair's 'production for use' mass
campaign in California in the 30's where he got over a million votes for
Governor and nearly got elected. This was an incredibly important
progressive populist movement that deserves some study. Maybe that
experience relates to your LTP theory. Food for thought and study.

Isn't that something SJ's do a lot of?.....:-)

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