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On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Mauro junior wrote:

> Good points. Let aside the LTV, just for a while, and let treat them.
> So those Central American were revolutions! What did change in Central
> America which has not been known in Italy? My informations are:
> 1. The dominant mode of production is still the capitalist one;
> 2. The working class did not change by a comma its condition. I mean in the
> class relationship, because something has actually changed in the last two
> decades about the quantity of wage and the material conditions: they have
> worsened.
> 3. The social formation, even though some political changes, is always the same;
> 4. The revolutionary (hence communist) programme did not spread into the
> working class and the toiling deprivated masses and the leftists (les
> gauchistes, from PCs to the trotskyists) are still claiming for the
> democracy (or where it formally exists, for its improvement).
> Do not tell me the revolutions have been defeated; they never began.

	I think I completely agree with you, Mauro.  Here on the List, as
a result of opposition to yet ANOTHER attempt to `prove' the LTV (among
other fundaments of marxism) `wrong', people are being accused of being
`vulgar marxists' (I guess) -- but the point we're trying to make is that
the fundamentals REMAIN the fundamentals -- no matter how they're twisted
and gussied-up as the intellectual fashion du jour...  They haven't fallen
yet, and it's not expected they will do so under _this_ particular

	Eventually we will all have to read Steve Keen's theses, but until
then, _he_ has yet to make a convincing case on this List.  Marx and
Engels and Lenin's writings STAND OUT in their insight, even as you read
them -- Steve Keen will have to do better here -- and being able to do so
on a daily basis gives him that `opportunity'...

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