Quebec Referendum Results

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On Thu, 2 Nov 1995 acacia at wrote:

	Someone opined:

> >Could anyone have predicted such a close outcome?  Was 50.5% to 49.5%
> >enough to rebuild Canada into anything even closely acceptable to the
> >two distinct societies with distinct visions existing in Canada and in Quebec?
> >Where do we go from here?  Jacques Parizeau's post referendum speech
> >was a disgrace to his movement, when he blamed the loss on the
> >"ethnic" community in Quebec.  To pin the blame on minority
> >communities in Quebec, and by doing so, underline a mistrust that the
> >majority have for the minority in that province, lowers nationalist political
> >debate to new low.

	And in case people haven't noticed, the `debate' has quickly died
away -- as the elite hoped.  They're not interested in `change' (other
than the neoliberal kind) which is why jerks like Chre'tien were so
reluctant to lead the rally to maintain the status quo, low-level
constitutional crisis, and only stepped-up their propaganda when they
realized they just might lose this one...

	At least the threat of war has receded to the back-burner, but now
the depressing march to constitutional oblivion in Canada continues...

> I did predict such a close result in my last post.  In fact it was a tie,
> and it is fortunate for the YES side that they did not win with  a narrow
> majority open to various interpretations.

	I don't think the Yes side _feels_ fortunate...

	The close call will indeed leave this open wound festering, unlike
the `clear' federalist win in 1980... While the elite wishes to again bury
its collective head up its ass, I would think that what has just happened
will advance the constitutional crisis to a new level, notwithstanding
WHAT the federalist stooges desire...

> It is now up to English Canada to tell Qubec wether it will be recognized,
> not just in words as a distinct society, but in fact as a nation with full
> rights to national self determination and equality.

	Oh sure.  The english will diktate to the french...

	Besides not believing a WORD of the federalist liars, the whole
point of separation is to call the bluff of such disingenuous bullshit.
Expect the federals to do _nothing_ of substance (waving flags, sure), and
like I said allow the crisis (and the Universe) to unfold as it should...

> If this is denied again, another referendum might give a comfortable
> majority to the YES side.  If it is granted, we might end up with a
> bi-national Canada, part of a north-american common market.

	I don't think you understand.  If Que'bec separates, there will be
a *WAR*, and there will be *NO CANADA* in the end.

> Prime minister Parizeau should have said that English capitalism, and the
> bourgeoisie of the cultural minorities in Quebec, have brainwashed many of
> the new-comers in Canada into believing that their interest lies in
> associating themselves with the dominant nation of Canada.

	Being a bourgeois agent himself, he is incapable of such an
analysis.  At least the old blowhard has resigned...

> In reality, it is the solidarity between those who are nationally oppressed
> that will accuentate the antimonopoly struggle in North America.
> It is unfortunate that the national struggle of Quebec is cinducted by a
> petty bourgeois political national movement (with its left, center and
> right), but it is unavoidable in the present circumstances.


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